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An interconnected, global platform for educators and learners

Essential Education Enterprise provides a place for like-minded educators and learners worldwide to exchange viewpoints on different pressing issues in the world of education. Through various mediums such as writing, podcasting, tutoring, and teaching, we are preparing the next generation of world leaders in education and higher learning to promote growth over time.

Essential Education Enterprise aims to create learners and educators with a growth mindset. As a result, individuals can develop their talents by implementing hard work, strategies, and input from others. Such an approach is highly applicable to the world of education because students need to have a learning method that focuses on growth and love for the process, not just the outcome. 

As learners explore their interests and cultivate their passions, it is essential to remember that "failing forward" is the secret to maximizing potential by giving us valuable experiences and dramatic growth. Combining a growth mindset with failure results in one's capacity to make a difference in the world.


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