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Featured Projects

Essential Education Enterprise has conducted several projects about promoting education equality in the form of legislative projects, research, and written essays. Here, we showcase Essential Education's most proud projects that have held a significant impact on society, from reaching top government officials to assisting students worldwide 

A research paper co-authored by Arya and jill Thomas, a licensed marriage and family therapist, investigating the impact of different curricula to destigmatize teenage mental illness. The goal of this paper is to promote mental health resources and better school communities through increased advocacy.

Research: Is it Meritocracy or Aristocracy? (Aug. 2021)

Luomei Lyu, a first-year Stanford undergraduate, published a paper about how meritocracy and immigrants are negatively affected by America's college admissions process. She emphasizes the ways we can create a fair education system and breaking down barriers to create opportunity for every child in admissions.


Legislative: LGBT Workforce Discrimination (Jun. 2019)

A compiled legislative project detailing legislature that would promote LGBT rights in the job workforce. Reintroduces the cosponsorship of the Equality Act, and both pro-LGBT and anti-LGBT policies in the workplace. Examined the current state of the issue and its effects on 8th District of Illinois.


Legislative: Cybersecurity/AI Intelligence (Jun. 2019)

In this compile legislative project, we analyze factors that impact cybersecurity rights. There exist several technologies that cause concerns including deep fakes, machine learning, and inequal distribution of tech. Also examine and compile legislative bills that Congressmen should cosponsor for cybersecurity.


Legislative: Discrimination In Education System (Sep. 2021)

A compiled legislative project detailing legislature that would promote equality in our education system. Includes legislature that Congressman Krishnamoorthi has cosponsored, and the current issues/solutions to our American education system.  


TED Talk: Creating Educational Equality (Feb. 2021)

Upon delivering and hand-writing his TED Talk on education inequality, Arya discusses why he is passionate about the topic, and efforts he's taken at the local level to resolve this issue. This TED Talk was presented in front of several other students at Fairmont to spread awareness and spark change.


Essay: Inequity In Standardized Testing (Dec. 2020)

A tightly reasoned, persuasive argument that calls upon literary, sociological and historical evidence as to why standardized testing is unequal, showcasing the flaws of our current system. 


Research: Destigmatizing Teenage Mental Illness Through Positive School Culture  (Feb. 2021)

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