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The Essential Education team is a group of passionate students who want to promote educational equality throughout the world.

Our Team

Our Team: Team Members

Arya Marwaha, Stanford University

Founder and CEO (Essential Education Enterprise)

Arya is the founder and director of Essential Education Enterprise. In his role, he runs the SOS Study tutoring business, co-hosts the Essential Education Podcast, and is editor-in-chief of the Essential Education Forum. He manages the website, regularly updating new content for At Stanford, he is studying Management Science & Engineering. 


Ishika Kanakath, Case Western Reserve University

Chief Marketing Officer & Academic Coordinator (SOS Study)

Creative Writer (Essential Education Forum)

Ishika is the Chief Marketing Officer and academic coordinator at SOS Study. She is responsible to coordianting all tutoring sessions and recruitment of new students for SOS Study. She frequently writes personal blog stories, and is a sophomore at Case Western Reserve University studying Computer Engineering. 

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Ryan Gumlia, Yale University

Private Instructor; English & Advanced Tutoring Specialist (SOS Study) 

Current Events Column Editor (Essential Education Forum)

Ryan Gumlia is a private tutor at SOS Study who specializes in teaching the subjects of English and writing. Given his extensive involvement in the debate program, Ryan won multiple national awards. Ranked the #1 debater in the country, Ryan understands the art of writing, researching, and speaking in persuasive manners. 

Eddie Sabat, Stevens Institute of Technology

Private Instructor; Math, Science, & Advanced Tutoring Specialist (SOS Study)

Eddie Sabat is a private tutor at SOS Study who specializes in teaching the subjects of math and science. Tutoring for classes like AP Physics, AP Calculus BC, and AP Chemistry, Eddie has an extremely strong background in several STEM classes. 


Milan Manic, Irvine Valley College

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Co-Host Speaker (Essential Education Podcast)

Milan is a co-host of the Essential Education Podcast, where he talks about a variety of topics ranging from educational information to social justice issues. O2 for OC (, his personal community project, focuses on donating oxygen to India's struggling population during the COVID pandemic. Tune in for our podcasts to learn more.


Noah Park, Cornell University

Science Column Editor (Essential Education Forum)

Noah is a column writer at Essential Education Forum, and specializes in the science and technology section. Because of his love for science, he also started his own company, Biocycles, which writes weekly blogs about COVID-19 and the effects on the environment, as well as designing and distributing 3D Face Shields for hospitals. 

jack lie.jpeg

Jack Lue, University of Washington

Writer at Large (Essential Education Forum)

Jack is a writer for the Essential Education Forum and enjoys opinion pieces. Notably, readers enjoy his article "Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC Review: Electric Boogaloo?" Jack also worked as the newspaper layout editor for Fairmont's Husky Howl.

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Michelle Chang, Harvard University

Writer at Large (Essential Education Forum)

Michelle is a writer for the Essential Education Forum and writes opinion pieces and current events. She was an editor-in-chief for Fairmont's Husky Howl team, and now attends Harvard University, where she is majoring in Bioengineering and Computer Science.

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 11.43.56

Roma Kapoor, 11th Grader (Fairmont Prep)

Writer at Large  (Essential Education Forum)

Roma, our youngest writer on the team, works on publishing unique news pieces about engaging topics, like "Last Call For Turnip Protection: The Jack-O-Lantern." She also serves as the school news editor on the Fairmont Husky Howl team. 

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