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About Us

Our Mission:

To create a growth mindset for learners across the world through the usage of multiple media outlets such as broadcasting, print media, and community outreach.

The Problem: A Fixed Mindset in Education

Students often underestimate their own abilities because they are stuck in a fixed mindset that constantly tells them their intelligence is static. This means they are used to avoiding challenges due to obstacles, seeing their efforts as fruitless, and ignoring constructive criticism. However, understanding that a student's personal failures and challenges are the most significant opportunities for self-improvement leads to their ultimate success. 

The Solution: Essential Education Enterprise

EEE's goal is to help students achieve a growth mindset to teach them that their skills can be developed through hard work, mental strategies, and input from others. We are on a mission to help kids reach their potential and reject societal expectations by pushing their boundaries and becoming the best versions of themselves. Students need a passion for learning and not a desire for approval. We will provide not only physical aid through media outlets like podcasts and articles, but also the opportunity to mentally reconstruct their approach to education.

Types of Learners:

Auditory Learner- These are learners who educate themselves best through auditory and listening exercises. We cater to these types of learners through our Essential Education Podcast, informing students about pressing topics.

Verbal/Logical Learner- These learners favor words and linguistic skills to expand their knowledge, and often employ logical reasoning to solve problems. We cater to these learners through the Essential Education Forum. 

Social/Interpersonal Learner: These learners are best at communicating with others and talking through their problems with others one-on-one or in a group setting. We cater to all of these students and learners through SOS Study. 

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