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2020 Social Review

2020 has been an eventful year due to COVID-19. However, trends of fashion, comedy, drama, and social media emerged to connect friends and family all over the globe. Before we look onwards, however, let’s do a little recap of social media trends that have hit it hard in 2020!

Bucket Hats: Who knew that a hat meant for Irish fishermen would be sold by Louis Vuitton? Even celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion, Lily Collins, and Kylie Jenner were wearing them. Who’s responsible? The megastars of BTS. When they wanted to conceal a new hairstyle, they would wear a practical yet easily stylish choice- a bucket hat. Since that, bucket hats have explode globally.

Whipped Coffee: Dalgona coffee blew us away with its silky creaminess, luscious sweetness, and bitter coffee flavor. Anyone who got their hands on groceries started making the delicious concoction. Though we all loved it, our hearts were crushed when we discovered 28.3 grams of sugar in a single cup.

Small Social Media Businesses: An influx of small businesses on social media has caught our eye. This makes a whole lot of sense - social media is free, and is so a great option for small business with small budgets. That along with the absence of regulations on advertisement, has worked to level the playing field for smaller enterprises in the advertising space.

Plant based meats: As veganism has been gaining more and more traction, there are still some people out there who cannot give up meat no matter how badly they want to. For them, plant based meats are a gift sent from above! Mammoth restaurant chains, such as McDonalds, have even adapted to this growing trend.

Social media trends for Protect the Arctic, Global Warming. Social media has to become a tool used for social activism. The New York Times found that in 2019, 20% of young teens in the UK used social media to express support for causes and organizations that may be environmental, charitable or political. That number is expected to have jumped exceedingly in 2020 due to the pandemic.

TikTok: A platform for creative artists to make short-form videos in unique genres. When the pandemic started, we found ourselves with ample time to fill the long and dragging hours. TikTok is filled with senseless yet comically incremental videos, filled the burden of time that was dumped in our laps.

Well, as far as we can see 2020 has definitely been an eventful year. From the new jargon to TikTok to new fashion trends, this boring year, overfilled with time at home, at the same time seemed to be overflowing with many new things. For better or for worse, let’s just say that we are all glad that this year is finally over.

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